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 Helpful Cognitive Therapy Apps

 Don Meichenbaum Roadmap to  Resilience - Veteran Support 

 Suicide Prevention Talk to Someone Now​ -  Suicide Hotline and Support

 Air1 Positive Hits - music, prayer support,  verse of the day

 National Alliance of Mental Illness NAMI -  local support groups


 Susan's participation in  the workshops at the Beck Institute:  

  • ​CBT & Schizophrenia Recovery -2016
  • CBT & Personality Disorders - 2016 
  • CBT & Anger Management-2017
  • CBT for Veteran/Military Suicide Prevention-2017
  • CBT & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-2018 
  • 2019- CBT & Couples
  • ​2020- CBT for Youth

​Meeting Dr. Aaron Beck, father of Cognitive Therapy, Spring 2016

​​Susan studied Cognitive Therapy in graduate school, updated her skills in 2011 with 28 continuing education units, participated in one year of supervision, and has been providing structured CBT for over six years as a contractor for Helen Farabee Center and in private practice. She completed the certification process and is now a Diplomate of The Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

Cognitive Therapy is based on a highly researched theory that the way we think about a situation affects how we feel, and how we feel affects our behavior.  CBT helps clients identify thoughts they find distressing and learn to test the reality of those thoughts.  When thinking is realistic clients feel better, and they meet their behavior goals. Collaboration between counselor and client, problem solving, and skills practice between sessions are emphasized. 

Cognitive Therapy: 

  • is based on highly researched methods
  • helps clients identify and change negative thoughts 
  • provides clients skills such as thought testing they can use for life
  • offers counselor and client collaboration; it is not talk therapy 
  • is limited to 12-24 sessions depending on client situation; dual diagnoses or chronic illness may require a more lengthy treatment
  • is effective for treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, phobias, eating disorders, and other situations
  • works well with individuals, couples, or families
  • teaches problem solving
  • gives opportunities between sessions to practice skills
  • can ​improve self image and self esteem by helping clients change their negative core belief
  • educates clients how to challenge their thinking errors

Cognitive behavior Therapy 

Beginning 6/28/2021

Susan J Cardwell, M.A., LPC

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Wichita Falls, TX  76301

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Dr. Aaron Brinen, Dr. Judith Beck, and Dr. Aaron Beck taking questions after the CBT for Schizophrenia Workshop in 2016.