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Whether it's been months, years, or decades that you've had negative thoughts about yourself or others resulting in sadness or failed relationships. Maybe you've been diagnosed with depression or anxiety managed by medication; it's never too late to learn something new. People around the world have benefitted from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for over 50 years. Dr Aaron Beck celebrated his 100th birthday July 2021 and died Nov 1, 2021. It was the highlight of my education to Skype with him in consultation and to observe him during workshops at the Beck Institute as he demonstrated his acute intelligence and sensitivity to client's mood shifts and thought patterns.   

Dr. Beck's most recent research focused on a Recovery model of treatment beginning with Schizophrenia and moving to Depression and Anxiety Recovery. Behavioral Activation- doing one thing leads to the next thing that leads to the next thing- eliminates the step of “thinking through” in a more formal way. 

I love CBT; I love the way the people’s information comes together in session and provides relief from their confusion, fear, and depression. I love that CBT motivates us which helps us feel better. So I teach clients CBT because it worked for me, I’ve seen it work for over 20 years in clinical work, the research shows it works, and people deserve to believe they are lovable, successful, worthy, and enough.

Susan J Cardwell, M.A.,LPC 

Why CBT?

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A cherished moment with the father of Cognitive Therapy, Dr Aaron T Beck.

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