My commitment is to work with you to identify your core belief and the thoughts your have that keep feeding that belief. You get to decide if you want to continue thinking that way or not. As a Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist I'm trained to collaborate with you to teach you skills that could help you change the thoughts that maintain depression or anxiety resulting in behaviors that interfere with how you want to live your life. We explore situations that trigger you’re negative automatic thoughts and work together to modify those thoughts. You'll learn to rate your mood, and you'll learn skills to use over a life time to live a more fulfilling life. 

I was trained in Cognitive Therapy Courses in Graduate School in addition to meeting rigorous certification requirements of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy,  and ongoing training at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia. For example, in 2016, I was fortunate to participate in the Schizophrenia Recovery Model of Cognitive Therapy Workshop. December 2019, I was able to attend Dr. Norman Cotterell's workshop at the Beck Institute using CBT with Couples. 

SJCardwell Counseling & Consulting PLLC is privately owned. When you decide that you want me to join you on your journey you will be backed by the highest level of training and professional expertise. Call 940-691-1267 to make an appointment or for more information about Consulting Services. 

Susan J Cardwell, M.A., LPC


takes a stand against racism: 

Martin Luther King's

challenge to the nation's social scientists


Racism Pandemic 

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Susan J Cardwell, M.A., LPC

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Susan Cardwell is a vocal advocate for children, adolescents, families, and veterans through implementing Cognitive Therapy and through skills training with local agencies. Susan also volunteers for GiveAnHour to provide free counseling for Veterans and dependents, survivors of gun violence, and survivors of natural disasters.

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Watch here for updates! Updated 7/8/2020

  • Telehealth Services ONLY will be available until further notice. Please click on the new link on the right - CoronaVirus Myths V Facts. I'm unwilling to put myself or clients at risk for contagion when people in the office building and/or clients refuse to wear masks or social distance. To date locals have a 24 hr to 11 day wait time for COVID19 test results with 464 cases. 


  • New clients are not accepted at this time in order for current client needs to be met. 
  • Telehealth services will be offered for the weeks of June 29th and July 6th. Safety needs will be reassessed at that time.
  • Not everyone’s insurance policy provides Telehealth benefits after COVID19 pandemic benefits expire. Please check your policy to be sure or you may be held responsible for fees above your co-pay. I am unable to check everyone’s benefits in a timely manner.


  • ​With Wichita County COVID19 count at 201 with the recent surge in positive cases, I’ve decided to return to TELEHEALTH only beginning today 6/22/2020 Through 7/3/2020 at which time the situation will be reassessed. ​