Susan Cardwell is a vocal advocate for children, adolescents, families, and veterans through implementing Cognitive Therapy and through skills training with local agencies. Susan also volunteers for GiveAnHour to provide free counseling for Veterans and dependents, survivors of gun violence, and survivors of natural disasters.

​The office will be closed June 15-17 while I participate in an online workshop. I'll fill you in later. sjc 

​​COVID19 Reliable Inform​ation

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My commitment is to work with you to identify your core belief and the thoughts your have that keep feeding that belief. You get to decide if you want to continue thinking that way or not. As a Certified Cognitive Behavior Therapist I'm trained to collaborate with you to teach you skills that could help you change the thoughts that maintain depression or anxiety resulting in behaviors that interfere with how you want to live your life. We explore situations that trigger you’re negative automatic thoughts and work together to modify those thoughts. You'll learn to rate your mood, and you'll learn skills to use over a life time to live a more fulfilling life. 

I was trained in Cognitive Therapy Courses in Graduate School in addition to meeting rigorous certification requirements of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy,  and ongoing training at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia. For example, in 2016, I was fortunate to participate in the Schizophrenia Recovery Model of Cognitive Therapy Workshop. December 2019, I was able to attend Dr. Norman Cotterell's workshop at the Beck Institute using CBT with Couples. 

SJCardwell Counseling & Consulting PLLC is privately owned. When you decide that you want me to join you on your journey you will be backed by the highest level of training and professional expertise. Call 940-691-1267 to make an appointment or for more information about Consulting Services. 

Susan J Cardwell, M.A., LPC

Susan J Cardwell, M.A., LPC

4245 Kemp Blvd, Suite 315

Wichita Falls, TX  76308

PH:940-691-1267      ​Fax:940-691-1582

 COVID_19 Updates- latest at the top


Please NOTE: I’ve decided to wear a disposable mask during face-to-face sessions. Instead of eliminating face-to-face sessions, accommodations to the office space, client scheduling, and sanitization procedures were implemented to be as safe as possible. After returning to the office and working with a few clients, I made the decision that I would go ahead and wear the mask. Please refer to the links on the right if you have any questions. 


Watch here for updates! Updated 5/29/2020


Insurance Update

  • BlueCrossBlueShield Commercial Policies extended Telehealth services through June 30th- clients w/BCBS will continue to enjoy this service to reduce their exposure to COVID. I’m checking on BCBS-Magellan Behavioral Health. 
  • Aetna Commercial Policies extended Telehealthservices through September 30, 2020. I’m checking on the policies held by WFISD. 
  • United Health Care also extending Telehealth services through June 18th. 


  • ​Today Texas had all time daily high COVID19 cases 1,855. 
  • Policy Enforcement, please NOTE: The schedule is carefully crafted to meet clients’ emotional needs and to reduce expose to COVID19. If you well not be using your session time please call ahead. You WILL be charged for the missed session and you will not be rescheduled immediately. Emergencies such as sudden illness or sudden onset auto problems are exceptions. 


  • Today we grieve for 100,000 dead from COVID19. There isn’t a cure nor is there prevention. We’re learning more about the effects on the body after recovery from the virus. Antibody tests are available to check if you’ve had COVID19  or have been a carrier but may not have been aware of it. However, the antibody tests are unreliable. Please check the science based links after the update section and be informed.


  • I'm at the office Part Time. 
  • New clients are not being accepted at this time.
  • Office hours are limited to weekdays; Saturday hours will be on an emergency basis only.
  • Clients must use hand sanitizer upon entering the office. 
  • Clients will be screened for illness, recent exposure to COVID, and travel outside Wichita County. I reserve the right to modify treatment delivery or to cancel a session based on results of the screening process.
  •  ​I am now wearing a disposable mask during face-to-face sessions.


Unfortunately, technology failure interfered with formal explanation of the office guidelines. Therefore, the most important points will be stated here:  

  1. Masks are recommended in the building but not required, nor are they required to be worn during session. Please understand this policy may change without prior notice. Susan may choose to wear a mask.
    1. Imagine 35-40 clients per week coming through the office; do you want to follow those germs? (Please refer to the links on the other side of this page to read scientific facts about this virus.)
  2. Cardwell Counseling will not be accepting new clients at least thru the month of June, as COVID19 testing becomes more available, in an effort to minimize exposure.
  3. All Insurance policies/benefits are being examined for Telehealth Benefits. If you have Telehealth Benefits, you are strongly recommended to continue treatment at home.   



  1. Gov Abbott changed his game plan but Cardwell Counseling is staying on track with May 18th Face to Face counseling for some clients. 
    1. Office hours will vary; weekend hours will not be available until further notice
    2. If you qualify for returning to the office, you will be contacted before the end of May
    3. Or, if you haven’t been contacted by the end of May, and want to return please, send an email. Click on the Conact/Map tab and send an email. 
  2. Insurance policies are being checked for post-COVID19 Telehealth benefits for clients who prefer to continue counseling from the safety of their homes.
  3. Clients who have  insurance that pays 100% as COVID19 response will continue using Telehealth Benefits until they expire.
  4. At this time there is no direction from local agencies regarding their clients returning to the office.  



  1. Face-to-Face sessions are tentatively being scheduled beginning the week of Monday, May 18th based on Gov Abbott’s opening Texas Phase Policy. NOTE: Cardwell Counseling is a privately owned business and reserves the right to open or close; client safety is the most important consideration. We all deserve to be healthy and to feel safe.
  2. Room sized ​HEPA/UVC Air Purifier delivered this week- UVC will kill virus germs in the air.
  3. Clients with cost share & co-pays paid by their insurance as pandemic response will continue to receive telehealth services though expiration of those benefits.
  4. The Play Therapy Room will remain closed until further notice.
  5. Counseling sessions will be held in Therapy Room 1, which is sparsely furnished, to minimize exposure risk
  6. Clients are being notified of the above during their sessions. If you have questions, click on the Contact/Map tab and send an email.


  • The State of TX self insures with BCBC for it’s employees and contracts with Magellan for Behavioral Health benefit management. Texas has opted out of paying co-payments during Shelter In Place/COVID19 pandemic Telehealth expanded services. 


  • Cardwell Counseling will continue Telehealth services until information from insurance companies, government officials, Helen Farabee Centers, and CDC/WHO medical professionals can be obtained and organized. 
  • BCBS Insurance - COVID19 Telehealth benefits expire 5/31/2020 providing clients ongoing Telehealth through May. We will reevaluate if BCBS changes their policy or client needs change.
  • YES! Pets can get COVID19! Two pet cats tested positive. And three members of the same family AND their pug were all diagnosed with COVID19. Read more here


  • Aetna Insurance- Teachers and School District Employees, in addition to Aetna commercially insured folks, will enjoy the all co-insurance paid benefits for Telehealth through ​June 4th unless Aetna revises. Therefore, clients w/Aetna benefits will continue Telehealth services through May.  


  • Cardwell Counseling is developIng a safe, phase-in plan to return to Face-to-Face (F2F) Counseling that will follow scientific recommendations. The following are the foundation:
  1. Treatment for Helen Farabee Clients will follow the HFC guidelines. 
  2. The Play Therapy room must be professionally disinfected, and problem solving is currently underway.
  3. Clients with insurance benefits that absorb co-insurance for Telehealth will continue to enjoy those benefits until they expire. (Aetna, BCBS, & others)
  4. Clients who work in high risk areas for COVID19 infections and clients who have not or do not practice physical distancing will continue to use Telehealth services through May.
  5. F2F modifications implemented prior to Shelter In Place will be followed at least for May.  
  • ​Unfortunately Tricare DOES NOT WAIVE TELEHEALTH CO-PAYS for counseling. There are some ABA services they are paying at 100% but not outpatient counseling. Please click this link for further info.

TriCare CoronaVirus FAQs


  • Telehealth is now in place and checking office voicemail daily. Going to the office at least twice weekly. 
  • ​Aligning Office Policy with Gov Abbott’s Shelter In Place although counseling is considered an Essential Activity. Telehealth will continue through May 4th, 2020.
  • During the COVID19 pandemic most insurance companies have agreed to pay for video telehealth services and some will also pay for telephone sessions. Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay for telephone sessions. 

Beginning Thursday April 2, 2020

​I have not been exposed to the corona virus. I’m not in quarantine.

  • Gov Abbott expands Shelter In Place. 
  • WITH ADDITIONAL CONFIRMED COVID19 cases in Wichita County and surrounding counties, Sheppard AFB, and Ft Sill I’ve made the difficult decision to work with clients through telehealth (using telephone, video chat apps, etc) for two weeks and reevaluate after that. Most insurances have approved payment of these services.
  • Everyone’s safety is the most important priority. We can carry COVID19 without symptoms. I will contact active clients either by email or telephone prior to your next face-to-face scheduled session if we aren’t already scheduled for Telehealth. Please call the office 691-1267 or email through the Contact/Map Tab if you have questions. 
  • Four days a week will be available for clinical hours during the next month In order to organize insurance information and prepare for sessions in Telehealth format.
  • Please watch the Box on the right for Helpful CBT links to reinforce counseling. 



 In addition to NY, CT, NJ and New Orleans, if you fly to TX from any of these places, you must self-quarantine for 14 days: (YOU WILL RECEIVE TELEHEALTH SERVICES ONLY)
•Miami (the state of FL)
•state of CA
•state of WA
•state of LA


  • Wichita County reports 28 confirmed COVID19 cases. Judge Gossom declares Wichita County Shelter In Place. Clay County Judge Campbell issues Emergency Order.
  • More clients are being asked to make a choice to stay home and take advantage of their Telehealth benefits. ZOOM, FACETIME, SKYPE, GOOGLE DUO are acceptable platforms. That means at your scheduled Appt time, Susan will contact you through the prearranged Video or telephone chat format and will conduct the session with some modifications due to the platform. 
  • Keep checking back for updates and resources. Physical distancing, washing hands, and coughing into your sleeve or a tissue are ways to reduce exposure. 

Updated 3/28/2020

  • Due to the Shelter In Place orders in Wichita Falls & Burkburnett, Cardwell Counseling is asking clients to think very carefully about coming in to the office for counseling. Safety for yourself, your family, me, and the community at large is at stake. Use pros/cons lists or cost/benefit analysis to determine the appropriate choice. Data shows that reducing exposure to the virus stops the spread. 
  • During the COVID_19 Pandemic: I'm reducing the number of hours at the office in order to get enough rest, reduce exposure, stay healthy, meet client needs, AND get the work done. Some evening hours will be eliminated as will many Saturdays.
  • IF we have collaborated and agreed that you will be seen at the office, you may be declined Face to Face services that day if you show signs of Respiratory illness. 
  • Children clients are only being seen under extraordinary situations. IF the client is a child, please bring art supplies with you from home is a sealed container. Only one parent or caregiver can accompany the child to the appt unless there is an emergency.  
  • Please call the office or email through the Contact tab ahead of your appointment to confirm face-to-face appointment or if you are a candidate for Telehealth. Some clients are choosing to be on a Hold list; to suspend treatment until the pandemic crisis is over. CLIENTS ARE BEING SCREENED PRIOR TO BEING SEEN AT THE OFFICE TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE.

                                                           Updated 3/22/20202

  • Per Helen Farabee Centers (HFC) directive, beginning 3/23/2020 until further notice, HFC sessions will be held over the phone or postponed until the COVID19 threat is over. 
  • NEW CLIENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID19. EXCEPTIONS- direct referral from medical professional due to crisis. 
  • If you traveled to FL, South TX, or outside the USA for Spring Break your next session will be cancelled until you emerge healthy from your 14 day quarantine. 

updated 3/20/2020

  • If necessary, I will be using the telehealth video platform which complies with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH requirements.
  • A Business Associates Agreement has been obtained. 
  • Most insurance companies have approved telehealth services for clients to insure continuity of care.




Keeping employees and visitors safe and secure is a top priority. Southwest Building and Cardwell Counseling are closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and are taking measures to help reduce the potential exposure risk to our employees and visitors.

Access to Cardwell Counseling will be denied if any of the following apply to you:

1. Have visited or passed through any of the following regions in the last 14 days;
Cambodia China (mainland) Hong Kong Iran Japan Laos Macau Malaysia Myanmar Italy Singapore South Korea Spain Taiwan Thailand Vietnam
2. Been in close contact with anyone who has visited any of the locations noted above
within the last 14 days
3. Been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days
4. Have experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days
(including fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, or difficulty breathing)



  • Cardwell Counseling will NOT charge you for late canceling appointments for illness or consider it toward a termination. Please leave a voicemail or email on the Contacts tab if you can't make it to your appointment.
  • Cardwell Counseling has removed all toys and reading material from the office. Surfaces are sprayed between clients. 
  • Rosie is crated during counseling sessions; pets can carry COVID-19 germs on their fur.
  • Susan Cardwell may need to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19. You will be informed if you have been exposed or if Cardwell Counseling is Closed for Quarantine.